Are you a writer?

Do you think of yourself as a writer. That’s a good question to ask yourself if your in a college English class. The thing about it is, I don’t know. I used to think of myself as a writer, in fact that used to be my way of expressing myself. In high school I would write poems and songs. I would write short stories and anytime I was writing in cards I would write so much it would take up the blank side of the card. I loved writing papers for school I always wrote more than I needed to because I felt like I had so much to say and so much information to give.

Now I am in my 30’s, a mother of two girls, step mom of two boys, a coach, a nurse and a wife and I can honestly say, NO, I no longer think of myself as a writer. Hopefully during this semester in school I can re learn the fundamentals of writing. I hope that by reading more and reading like a writer I learn to organize and format, tone and dictation, all things I feel that have lost along my way as an adult. I am hoping by writing this blog I can help myself and possibly others who express themselves through writing. I would like to be able to write in a way that inspires others, that sparks their interest to read what I’m writing. Writing can be passionate, informative and entertaining. It’s awesome what people can get across to others with their writing. Writing is such a deep way to put your words out there, be bold, ┬ábe bare and just be you.


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