My Second Minion

I was young  still when I had my second tag baby. The pregnancy was terrible not like the first one, the birth oh what a story that turned out to be, and here’s just how it happened. I woke early that day, couldn’t figure out why, I had all the energy in the world. I took my daughter to kindergarten, told her we could go eat lunch when I picked her up, had the whole day planned just her and I, the baby had a different idea. I had a doctors appointment that day I had been getting ultra sounds regularly to check my amniotic fluid, and stress tests. I remember the drive there, it was freezing outside, I had my heat on blast and the radio blaring as usual. I arrived on time, I remember because I’m not usually on time for anything. As I walked in the mom and baby center at Miami Valley Hospital you could smell that new baby smell. I had my tests done and the Doctor came in and said we need to take you upstairs. A wave emotions rushed over me, I didn’t really have a chance to react. I called my mom when I got upstairs and asked her to pick up Ari. I sat in my hospital room alone, concerned for my baby, scared, confused,  and slightly excited. I was in there for what seemed like forever. The doctor finally came in and explained I had almost no amniotic fluid for the baby to be floating around in and they were going to induce me with in the hour and hopefully have a baby soon. To bad no one told the doctor being late runs in the family. At around 10 am I was induced and little Miss Kenna didn’t join us until after 10 that night. It was an alarming but joyous experience all around, and that little girl has made me smile since the minute I had her. I am truly blessed.IMG_1919


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