My Summers

13529264_1059153520800879_3232754592536560409_nMy favorite time of the year hands down is summer time. We have recently moved back from Fl. Where it is summer almost 9 months out of the year and I’m actually excited even though there is no beach to go to. You see when we lived in Fl. all of our kids flew home (here to Ohio) during the summer so as much as I still loved summer it was very hard on me being away from them, or doing things and thinking I wish they could be here or see this. This summer i get to spend doing fun things with our kids and my wife. My birthday is in the summer in fact this year its on fathers day. I’m not huge on my birthday but I’m very lucky to have a wife that always makes it very special for me. Even in times when we don’t have the money to waste or I don’t think its worth it to waste the money my wife doesn’t give me and option. Year after year she sweeps me off and takes me to the beach, plans a weekend get away, plans surprise parties or this year just goes to spend a day in Cincinnati with me. I actually messed up my birthday this year and she still found a way to make the weekend memorable. My daughter had ask to go to a concert and I had bought the tickets not realizing it was the Friday before my birthday. I thought for sure id be stuck in Cincinnati alone all day while my daughter and her friends were in line for this and enjoying themselves that and at this concert. My wife had other plans, she took a half day and said were going to enjoy the city and made plans for us to go to a Reds game as well.  I’m very lucky and she always made my summers amazing and memorable even when i was sulking because we didn’t have the kids.


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