My Journey

Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. I don’t think I could really explain the thoughts that initially went threw my head. At first i left the doctors office relived. I had spent years in and out of the hospital sometimes spending weeks at a time in pain and having unexplained issues with both my nervous and immune system. Finally I had some type of answer as to why all this stuff was happening. After I got home and started doing some research i realized a few things. First I was diagnosed with a disease that has no cure, even though i had answers I quickly realized how scary that actually was. The second thing I realized is my body is not like that of a normal 33 year old, there’s a reason but its still hard to deal with. Things like practicing with my daughters softball team will leave me in pain the next day. I used to always think of myself as small but mighty lifting things i probably shouldn’t while moving or moving things bigger then me when cleaning, not anymore, my body’s to busy fighting itself to be strong. I’ve had to be on chemo, oral steroids, Lyrica, Plaquinil and other treatments as needed. It’s been very trying at times and honestly if I didn’t have the support of my wife and kids pushing me and letting me rest when needed i don’t know how i would have been making it through. It’s a statistic that 60% of women that have active SLE cant work due to the side effects they experience during it. I am realistic about my time here and my time here, i know i don’t have forever so not working or  not going to a softball game or a parent teacher conference is just not an option for me, i will push myself until my body physically wont allow it and then ill dig deep and push harder. Hopefully that’s something I can show my girls. I thought this is one of the best examples of what SLE is and then what we face having it.




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