The road that lead me home

I cant say that there was one single thing in my life that got me to where I am. My grandmother had a big part in raising me, my wife’s grandmother raised her and everything that happened was like a domino effect. Early in 2012 my Grandmother passed away, later that year we took a vacation to FL to see her grandmother who we found out was very sick. She joked about moving to FL to which we both agreed would actually be a really good idea. my grandmother had just passed so leaving was kind of a relief in a way, her grandmother was sick so she needed to be close to her. By the end of the year she had found a job and went to FL with me and the kids still here, giving her time to find us a place to live and the kids time to finish out the school year. We moved to FL in Feb of 2013 and I transferred with my job, which was jewelry, to a mall close to us but she knew I wasn’t happy. I wanted everything to change not just our location I wanted a career I wanted to change what I was doing. Sitting in our living room in sunny FL full of excitement, determination and the support of my wife at 30yrs old I went back to school to be a nurse, something I had always wanted to do. In 2015 I graduated with an associates degree and am now pursuing my BSN in nursing, I guess everything fell together all at the right time, sometimes its the bad things that push you to strive to be better, but I could never have made it here with out the support of my wife.


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