About the blog

This semester in school I was asked to start a blog. We have been given different topics to write about, most of which I enjoyed, and it showed me how much I really do enjoy writing but if I’m being honest I don’t think I would ever keep up with it. With school, and kids, wife and being sick I don’t ever see myself stopping to take the time to sit down and write just because. I did, however, find that there are things in life I am very passionate about and should keep using my voice to fight for them. I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to talk about my disease and even though my blog has my name in it I felt safe. There are many times in my life I don’t want to discuss being sick. Not only do people not see me as sick but I constantly hear how I’m not old enough to be that sick or don’t look sick. I have to deal with the way I feel and my ilness averday so needless to say I don’t always feel safe or feel the freedom to talk about it. In closing, I think I have been very blessed in this class to not only have the people i got to enjoy but also to have been given the topics that allowed me to express myself. It was a very fun class but I really don’t think I could honestly find time to keep up this blog.


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